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Yarn Master software for Yarn Brokers, Agents , Traders


Customised software designed for yarn indenting agents, brokers, Which is the widely used software in the market. Please go through the product brief attached herewith. Please contact us for detailed specification /demo.

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 The software is well designed with more than 7 years of experience
The Software automates the Confirmation, Delivery - Invoice, Payments, Commission account, And detailed Buyer, Supplier Ledgers, C-form tracking of a Yarn Broker.  
•Total Automation of Commission Bill preparation
•Start from Despatch Directly
•Ledger Account Creation/ Vouchers – Full Accounting Functionality
•Service Tax returns - By Receipts & On Party /Our Account
•TDS Account of yarn broker
•Very User Friendly
•Mills Count list
•Reminder letters, Paymnet, commision Covering letters
•Buyer and seller Group companies reports

New, Extended features
We update the yarn broker software continuously, which makes the software more useful and up to date. Please check out the following additional features  
    Auto Commission bill preparation with one click
     Handling Different sale types :-

      Consignment /    Export-Direct /   Domestic(CST)/   Local(TNGST) /    Merchant Export/   E1 Form sales/   CST Sales


     Extensive reports e.g- buyer wise / seller wise / count wise / date wise / conf wise Delivery register.
     Setting commission by bags , % etc..

Yarn Broker Software Support
Run the SQL Commands in Utilities- data update patch menu    
Correcting the Pending despatches
Drop table invsum1
Select In_ConfDate , In_Confno, in_Yarn , Sum(in_Bags) as DespBags into invsum1 from invoice Group by In_ConfDate , In_Confno, In_Yarn
Update ConfSlipDt,InvSum1 set Csdt_DelBags = DespBags Where Csdt_No = In_Confno and Csdt_date = In_ConfDate and Csdt_Yarn = In_Yarn
For the first time you have to use (copy) second and third commands (red colored) only .

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